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NXT5 Bass: “high quality…still a bargain.”

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Writing in the July issue of DownBeat Magazine, reviewer Jon Paul has high praise for our NXT-5 upright bass:

With the NXT5, NS design has improved upon an already successful model. With high quality Czech workmanship and better woods, this bass is still a bargain, going for only $300–$400 more than the WAV.  Nothing can replace the “dog house,” but if your musical situation works with an EUB (electric upright bass), you need to give the NXT5 bass a try.

Click here to read a PDF reprint of the review.  (Requires Adobe Reader.)

2 Responses to “NXT5 Bass: “high quality…still a bargain.””

  • Per Arlyng says:

    Can i please have a price on nxt5 bas, and is it posibble to have it send to Denmark.

    Mr. Per Arlyng

  • NS Design says:

    Mr. Arylyng,

    I will have our sales staff contact you, but please also feel free to email

    Alden – NS Design

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